Chemical Cleaner or Plumber’s Snake?

Chemical Cleaner or Plumber’s Snake?

Chemical Cleaner or Plumber’s Snake?

So, you are now having clogged pipes, right? When this happens with you, don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not a big deal as this happens all the time because you drain oils, hair, grease, soap, and all other sorts of stuff through your shower, sink, bathtubs, and others daily.

With time all these particles will build up the inner walls of the pipes and eventually ends up as a clog.

Obliviously you want to clear this but the most important now, how to do it! You must start with a plunger specially made for your type of drains. Do not ever use your toilet plunger at your sink drain, yucky!!

In case the plunger didn’t do its job, you have two options to choose from whether chemical cleaner or plumber’s snake. But which one you should use on this specific clog?

We can help you to choose the right action for any kind of clogs you might have.

Chemical Cleaners

When you choose the chemical cleaners for your drain, you must choose the most effective & safe one over your pipes. You can choose from a huge variety of chemical cleaners, but not all of them are safe for you. Some have toxic and harmful chemicals that are so dangerous to interact with.

These chemicals can sting the eyes, for that, you must use goggles & gloves while dealing with such harmful materials.

Chemical cleaners mainly use acid, bleach, lye, and other materials that create heat & break the buildup that causes clogs. This heat can eat the pipe itself! Of course, you want to end this clog but without having a leaky pipe.

There are common chemical cleaners but for the previous reasons, Plumber Irving Texas doesn’t recommend these products.

You are in need of a strong cleaning drain cleaner to clear all these clogs but without causing you much bigger and worse problems in the future. When you ask

us for aid, we will use our special natural biological drain treatment. Our drain cleaner is natural and will never harm your pipes.

Our product creates natural bacteria inside your pipes to clear all clogs without damaging the walls of the pipes. It is also an Eco-Friendly product than those traditional cleaners.

Chemical cleaners work very good with those clogs that are caused by buildup. They are made to clear all grime that has accumulated because of regular usage. Thus, if you have a clog that’s near to the top of the pipe or the drain, the chemical products will be very effective.

Chemical cleaners are not affective with those clogs away from the pipe entry or with tree roots. If you think that anyone of these things is the main cause of your pipe clog, then you must skip the chemical cleaner and try another effective solution.

Plumber’s Snake

Plumbers snake is for those too heavy-duty clogs. It is a long, thin, flexible metal wire around ¼ inch thick. At one of the drain snake endings a handle & crank and at the other an auger. You must be careful while using it or you will scratch the inner parts of your pipes & damaging it.

Bond the end with the auger in the drain that you want to snake. While you are pushing the snake in the drain, rotate the handle clockwise. By doing this, you will rotate the auger & uncoil the snake the thing that will lead it to go inside the pipe. This process will loosen the grime along the pipe sides.

While you are uncoiling the snake down the pipe, if you started to feel resistance, then you have found the clog. Keep trying to rotate & pulling up the snake every now and then catch the clog inside your auger & remove it.

If you still feel resistance right after your efforts to clear the clog, probably the reason is a solid object that you can’t break. In this case, you must catch it with the auger & then pull it out with the snake. Pull the snake out so slowly or you will lose what you are pulling out.

After pulling the snake out, pour some water down your drain to check if there still a clog or not.

Unfortunately, the pipe snake doesn’t always completely break or clear the clog which means that it’s easy to buildup clogs once more. Also, it consumes so much time than chemical cleaners. However, when it comes to removing deep clogs inside your pipe, a plumber’s snake is the best choice.

What You Are Going To Choose?

No matter what the product that you are going to choose, you must do some research over this specific brand. You must find how it should work & whether it will work or not for you. Then, read the instructions & follow them very carefully.

Make sure that you take all your precautions & time!

Now, if you have tried the chemical cleaner and the plumbing snake, but you can’t clear all clogs out, call Plumber Irving Texas. Our professional plumbers have lots of advanced and powerful technology as pipe rejuvenation & hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting works by using a high-tech type of snake with a small video camera in it. By using it, we can see through your pipes and what’s the main problem. Then, we clear them away by using high pressurized jets of very hot water.

Thus, at any time you need an expert & professional help that knows how to snake a drain or how to use a drain snake and make sure that your pipes are completely clear and clean, call us.

Whether you need effective plunging, snaking, chemical cleaning, or techno-hydro blasting, we have got your back. We have the essential skills and experience to clear & clean all these tough clogs.

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