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Proper garbage disposal installation

The waste disposing system in the kitchen sink is a frequently misused kitchen appliance. Wise plumbers know that consumers treat this unit as if it were a trash can. This is a frequent habit that leads to garbage disposal clogged problems.

At Plumber Irving we know how to install a garbage disposal properly. We also know how to clean a garbage disposal correctly. We serve Irving, Texas, in Dallas County. A professional plumber needs the correct size and power for the customer's garbage disposal needs.

Plumber Irving get fix the leak and clogged

The Plumber should also know the correct techniques to prevent leaking and clogs. Installing garbage disposal that works for you and fits your budget is our job. We ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

It's hard to know when this appliance may be fixed and when it is time to replace a garbage disposal. Signs include a loud buzz or hum when turning on the device. Another sign is water backing up in the disposal’s sink. New or unusual sounds could be another warning to you. This may mean it’s time to call our professionals at Plumber Irving. We will see about replacing a garbage disposal for you.